Manarat and ACCEL have partnered together to meet the needs of all individuals. Please find the following information about the programs we are offering. Our team of specialists are available on the Manarat campuses to provide services for students who may need additional support in areas such as:

Academics, Behavior, Social/Emotional Skills, Speech/Language Therapy
Occupational Therapy, Counseling

Our program provides intervention for not only students with diagnosed disabilities, but also those who may need additional support in the classroom to reach their full potential. We offer a multi-tiered system based on the level of student need.

Tier 2

Provides intervention in curriculum/academic needs in areas of language arts and mathematics. This tier also provides basic social, emotional, communication, motor, and behavioral support for students who qualify. Students would generally receive 5 to 10 hours per week of support at school in push in and/or pull-out settings. The student will receive an Individualized Intervention Plan (IIP), which
contains a summary of the student’s strengths and needs, targeted goals that they will be working on, and a summary of service minutes that they will receive from relevant departments. They will work individually or in targeted small groups with one of our educational specialists for intervention and enrichment. Progress will be monitored and reported regularly.

ACCEL at Manarat Al Riyadh tier 2 image

tier 3

ACCEL at Manarat Al Riyadh tier 3 image

Provision of special education services. This tier provides a comprehensive, psychoeducational evaluation in all related service areas. The evaluation team includes:

– School Psychologist, Speech/Language Pathologist, Behavior Analyst, Occupational Therapist, Special Education Teacher

The evaluation will provide an educational diagnosis, as well as summaries and recommendations from each professional area. Alongside the evaluation, the student will receive an Individualized Education Program (IEP), which contains a summary of the student’s strengths and needs, targeted goals that they will be working on, and a summary of service minutes that they will receive from relevant departments. Based on the student’s IEP, they will be receiving a combination of both pull-out and push-in services from the special education teacher, as well as any related services members based on what services they qualify for.

If you are interested in enrolling, please reach out directly to the contact information listed below for next steps.

If you would like more information about the program, fees, or how to enroll, please reach out directly to our Program Manager whose contact information is listed below.



Call: (055) 888-0925

Or Call: (055) 064-8885

manarat administration

Katelyn Craig

Program Manager, Manarat Al Riyadh

Katelyn Craig is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with over 18 years of experience working with children and youth diagnosed with Autism and other developmental disabilities.

Katelyn received her degree in Philosophy and Political Science from the University of British Colombia, an advanced citation of Disabilities and Applied Behavior Analysis from Douglas College and her Master of Applied Behavior Analysis from Saint Joseph’s University. In 2013, Katelyn received her Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst certification, and in 2017, her Board Certified Behavior Analyst Certification. Katelyn began her career in Canada, then moved her practice to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Egypt. Katelyn is passionate about applying the field of ABA in school-based settings and supporting students to achieve their full potential in their academic and behavioral goals. Her approach includes collaborative teamwork, with an emphasis on ethical decision making, centered around the uniqueness of every child. Katelyn comes with extensive experience implementing assessments to create individualized plans, while monitoring data and making appropriate changes, leading to a child’s learning success. Katelyn has now joined the ACCEL team as Program Manager, at the Manarat Al Riyadh location, starting the 2023-2024 academic year.

Alaa’ Qutaish

Special Education Lead, Manarat Al Riyadh

Alaa’ Qutaish is a behavioral therapist who has been working with a variety of children with developmental delays since 2019. Alaa’ left the field of management to pursue her dream of becoming a qualified behavior analyst and she became an RBT in 2021. Using ABA strategies, Alaa’ provides therapy to children and provides support to families as well. In 2023, Alaa’ joined the ACCEL program in Manarat AlRiyadh as the Special Education Lead which is an incredible place to aid children in many environmental settings. She helps the school educators to better understand students’ behaviors and train them to implement individualized behavior intervention plans. She also helps the teachers to create the best class environment for all students. Alaa’ is trained on using a variety of assessment tools to assess students for strengths and weaknesses and find gaps in their developmental milestones. With the help of the special education team, Alaa’ provides a variety of ABA based teaching strategies to help the students understand grade level material and work on pre-requisite skills.